Hello! I'm a Canadian cosplayer based out of Vancouver, British Columbia! I seem to enjoy the making of things that are cumbersome and difficult to see through, and really enjoy prop creation!
Makin My Way Somewhere



But look at this guy from AR imageAnd the back image

they dressed as the fucking suicidal teddy bear.

Oh! This is me!

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Aggie make-up test part 2. Still not perfect, but better and I’m pretty sure I\ll have it down by tomorrow.

Aggie Hair done! All the pieces of that are now together! IT IS COMPLETE. AWWWWWW YEAAAAAAAHHHH

now to finish everything else.

Sword for Kat WIP! It’s the sword from this comic from Adventure Time. It’s pulling together nicely I think!

Hair almost done! Just needs to be painted. I’ve shortened that one super tall one a bit so it’s not quite so egregious.


Dress is done! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAnowtoworkoneverythingelse

Getting there slowly! Looking more and more how I want it too. Note: It’s not a great idea to have this at the foot of wherever you’re sleeping, especially if you tend to wake up in the middle of the night.

Dress WIP! It’s just a lot of draping and pinning the fabric right now, still have a layer and a bit of tulle to add and a whole lot of weathering. I’ve already taken sandpaper to the one sleeve and part of the collar and a few other parts, if you can see. It’s gonna end up much sorter than this in the end, but it’s a nice base I think. Woooo

More progress on the headpiece! It is now much taller and a little more 3D and hopefully a little less obviously sectioned once it’s painted. Wasn’t wearing a wigcap for these so you can see my hair poking out. 

Also making progress on the dress and I’ve purchased the makeup so hopefully I can do a test with those sometime soon.

The saga of me putting weird things on my head continues,

I’m just going to keep building it up and out with more hot glue and wire.